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Who we are?

Without stopping in the adventure industry “Hiking Sri Lanka” plays a role in the tourism industry as a travel agency and a nature protecting and conservation organization. The personalized customer service of our young and energetic team members in a friendly manner gives you an unforgettable journey. Hiking Sri Lanka team members are well educated and experienced in the Tourism and service industry and we always keep our client as the main character in the tour.



With the experience and the education in Tourism and Hospitality industry “Hiking Sri Lanka” has the best service crew to give you the best tour experience in Sri Lanka. All our team members are qualified with first aid and survival training and fluent in English so it will make you easier when traveling with us. Hiking Sri Lanka doesn’t stop at Adventure and Camping and go further with inbound tourism with licensed tour guides to give you a more comfortable tour.

Our team is Young and Energetic and very friendly and keep our client happy and refreshing. It will give them more memorable moments and will forget the tiredness of the tour. When we use camping and adventure gears, we use the best equipment in the world to ensure your safety.

Our photography coverage is the most interesting thing in the tour. We take the best captures and natural moments of yours to make you remind the real experience of the tour.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create 1000 nature lovers by 2020 to start a rapid changing in the traveling history in Sri Lanka. It will help to change the mind of travellers’ in a positive way to protect the nature and secure to the next generation.

We will change the mind of the travellers’ to explore next destinations and next activities.We will change the mind of the travellers’ to go beyond from regular destination to new destination. We will increase the quality of the service in adventure and travel industry and that increment will be unreached by others.


Our vision

To energizing the people to protect nature and plant more trees regularly and maintain them and enthusiast people around the world to travel more and travel in unpopular holiday destinations and promote them around the world in our vision.

In the long term, we will change the travel trend and will introduce new travel trends to the world and will establish them in the correct way and will introduce new adventure activities to the country. We won’t stop in Sri Lanka and explore the world and will give you more and more destinations to travel in the world.

We will create a positive impact of traveling industry and will share that with rural villages and those who want to have them.

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+94 769 892447 / +94 710 909539 No.148, Mirigamkanda, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka. kavinga@hikingsrilankatours.com